Big Data and how to be happy

“If our mind is wandering around an average of 47% of the time and at least 30% of the time not matter what activity we engaged, tell us Matt Killingsworth”

How can we truly be happy, how can truly be productive?

Matt Killingsworth study on this subject gives a clue on this area. Take a look at his presentation in the link below.

Big Data does not lie. I’m facinated by this topic. We all leave traces behind every time we open our browsers, every time we dig something in our mobile devices.

We all know that people tend to rarely fill out surveys honestly. Remember the past USA elections surveys? However, with the rise of Big Data we leave clues behind.

Every time we open our devices and click. Every time we type and search for something in our browsers. All that data, Big Data is leaving clues of behaviours.

And more and more we know by scientists and Big Data that the more clear moments we have – The happier we are!

The more we are in the present moment, the more happy we are. The more happy we become.

So next time your mind is wandering around. Bring it to someplace beautiful, some place happy or bring it back to the here and the now.

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I'm a People Geek. Helping others to elevate themselves and to transform into the best version of themselves.

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