News flash…You can do better!

News flash…..

No one can make you feel this way.

Is not them is only you. Big YOU. YOURSELF!

Happy, in love, angry, accommodating, frustrated, funny, impatient, friendly, jealous, great, helpful, etc,.

Good or Bad emotions are your responsibility. No one else!

We can only react as a response to the emotions of others. So….

Do not give the control of your emotions to a third party.

Your kids, husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, boss, neighbors, friends are not responsible. You are!

So take the control back of your emotions.

Your emotions paint the way you act, feel and even take decisions.

Don’t put your emotions in a control remote. Take it back!

Don’t be a dead fish.

Empower yourself!

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  1. Mara Del Real says:

    So true, once my teacher told me no one drives you crazy unless you allow him/her to do so. Lesson learned and my life changed for good.

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  2. adrianabebig says:

    Thanks Mara. Thanks for reaching back and sharing your experience.


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