The new question: Is there a valid reason to do it in person?

Is there a valid reason to do it in person?

Our lives have changed drastically in the past few weeks and one of the most important question will be: Is there a valid reason to do this in person?

I think we all understand we need to have good connectivity. Unfortunately those with out will suffer and be a greater disadvantage.

A few days ago a great friend decided to get out of her house in one of the most compact cities on the planet and move to her home in the country.

When they arrived, the children were happy to be able to run and live around and with nature.

The only problem was that the internet was not to the desire standard for her, her children and her husband to carry out their daily tasks.

So it became urgent to improve the connectivity of her summer home.

Our connectivity is becoming very critical!

However, when more flexible and sophisticated use of technology are introduce into our homes, we have less polarization and a revived appreciation for the outdoors and the small things are back again into our lives.

Yesterday, I spoke to them and the first thing their son said to me:

“Here, I am happy! I can cut my own oranges from the tree.  I don’t need to go back to school.  I prefer to have virtual classes”.

So, if the kids don’t even want to go back to their previous way of life. I think more than ever the question will be:

Is there a valid reason to do it in person?

And the school system must change. We can not go back to the old days.

I love to add aroma therapy to all the rooms in the house. It helps the concentration of the family members in times that they must focus and also help to relax. You should try it as well.

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