Multicultural Transformational Executive with Exponential Mind Growth and Grit.
People Geek. Founder of BeBig and Empoderate Tú Puedes.

High Performing Multicultural Senior Executive – Willing to travel to challenging destinations.

I am passionate about developing the next generation of leaders.
I help others to discover their uniqueness by becoming their own change agents to transform positively themselves and their teams.

I am an experienced Senior Executive with High value Contacts and working with yearly targets above 500M$.

Modern leader with great solving problem abilities with 3 decades of proven experience in delivering outstanding results as well as building high performance teams on various business and geographies.

My goal is to help my customers to reach their strategic objectives and; my staff and people around me to help them to achieve their full potential.

MY VALUES: CATTS = Communications, Accountability, Trust, Teamwork and Simplicity.
My Motto: Feel the difference! Be Brave, be Inspired, be Big with Positive Actions!

I am full of energy and I can lighten a room full of people with my energy.

I have a surplus of purpose and passion. I like to foster a creative work environment.

I am curious, always trying to learn new things and bring value to those around me.

I like to push the envelope and the status quo, always improving, always trying to reach new Hights for my people and for myself. I am a game Changer.

Always with a positive ATTITUDE looking at any situation.

I inhale respect and exhale gratitude.

Love to travel, to meet new people, new cultures, new ways to improve and advance!

Lived, studied and worked in US, UK, Canada, Mexico, LATAM, EU/ EEA, CEE, Russia and CIS, Central Asia, South East Asia and China.
Frequently travelled (>60%) globally. Dealing with CxOs, Board Members.

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