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Anticipate and Adapt quickly!

The phrase going back to normal it’s a thing of the past. I believe the new phrase is: anticipate and adapt quickly.

Customer experience and creating new value are critical in the new digital economy. How will your serve your customer better and how will you transition your clients from the traditional way to the new? It is time to focus on anticipate and adapt quickly.

Working from home will be the new norm for many industries. So what are you doing to anticipate and adapt? Is your permanent working area at home ready or are you still working from the kitchen table?

Small restaurants will need to adapt to accommodate with larger spaces between tables. As well as home deliveries. Do you have home deliveries ready?

How about Chef experience at your own home? If you’re a Chef how about you go to them instead they come to you? or how about virtual cooking experience with a beautiful conversation with the Chef and home delivery?

We will be going to small boutiques hotels for our vacation. With no so many people and preferably only for your family. Social distance and special cleaning will be the new norm. Big hotels and resorts must rethink the whole concept.

Doctors, coaches, consultants will perform virtual consultations.

Buying clothes will be reduced and exchanged for buying home articles.

Gardening and growing your own vegetables will be the new norm.

Day care centers, School, colleges and universities needs to transform quickly. It’s a must!

Concerts, football games, festivals, shopping centers, will have to rethink how everyone will adapt? How to consider social distance? How to deliver customer entertainment and customer’s experience? I think can not wait much longer.

Buying on line, security, virtual meetings, virtual networking, on line payment, AI assistance and much more are here to stay. Perhaps also AI and Robot board members.

I think it is time to polish our new skills to anticipate and adapt quickly.

The phrase going back to normal it’s a thing of the past. I believe the new phrase is: anticipate and adapt quickly.

So what are you doing today to anticipate and adapt quickly?

Focus on customer experience, customer satisfaction. Time to anticipate and adapt quickly to create value.

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  1. Me encanta pensar en nuevas formas de hacer las cosas, volver a la “normalidad” suena absurdo cuando hemos avanzado y crecido, no me gustaría volver atrás.
    Crecí mi espacio de trabajo, lo adapte para crecer, tengo delivery y estoy en sinergia con otros microempresarios para apoyarnos mutuamente.
    El futuro pinta increible!

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