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Crisis or Good luck?

There are a lot of benefits to a crisis if you know how to move to the other extreme.

The key to move to the other extreme is to focus your attention in that area that you choose.

Let’s make a list of the words opposite of crisis so you can choose which one you want to spend time focusing all your attention to get there:

  • Balance
  • Advantage
  • Certainty
  • Good fortune
  • Harmony
  • Wonder
  • Reconciliation
  • Peacefulness
  • Remission
  • Breakthrough
  • Pleasure
  • Honeymoon
  • Anticlimax
  • Silness
  • Coolness
  • Compusure
  • Ease
  • Wonder
  • Agreement
  • Advantage
  • Success
  • Peacefulness

There are many more. However, these ones are great examples to explain and make my point.

Instead of living and focusing all our attention in this crisis, why we don’t choose one word from my list, for example: Reconciliation and focus all the attention in finding Reconciliation.

Reconciliation is the act of restoration. How about restoring the relation with yourself?

Focus your attention and listen to all your internal needs.

It is also the act of making one belief compatible with another.

How about working in doing that for a few days till all your beliefs are in full agreement with who you want to become and work on that.

Then how about Finance Reconciliation. I like the definition from: S. Elmblad

“Account reconciliation is the process of comparing internal financial records against monthly statements from external sources—such as a bank, credit card company, or other financial institution—to make sure they match up. Knowing how to reconcile your accounts accurately is essential for the financial health of your business, as it helps to detect any errors, discrepancies, or fraud.”

How about working during this crisis on your financial health?

So choose a word from my list “the one” that grab your attention and focus all your thoughts, actions and feelings on that particular action.

I am sure you will move to the other extreme of crisis rather quickly. The key is focus!

BeBig with actions and always bring value to the world!

Do you know that good luck is the opposite of crisis.
One of the most interesting benefits of focusing on the opposite is “How to defeat the fears of entrepreneurs right now”.

Focus, Focus, Focus!!!!

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