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Day 32 – staying at home

Day 32..

I learn to tell stories to improve my business and thus my financial freedom. Writing to you from my house in the Netherlands on day 32 “staying at home” with out going out during the pandemic.

Dreaming: The perfect day in the beach with the perfect combination.

Once upon a time… One morning at Casa Turquesa (our small boutique hotel in Yucatcan) after doing our morning walk, Berend begins to dream and to fantasize what we are going to have for lunch today.
Berend (my husband) begins to tell me why we do not combine the best of Mexico with the best of the Netherlands. And I said perfect! and; I ask him and what comes to your mind and he smiles and he said it will be a surprise. Just wait and enjoy the sun and the sea…
A few hours later seating in our main terrace enjoying the sea breeze and very attentive to the conversation with one of our clients; I put a side his comment to pay full attention to our customer story. He is a Chinese acupuncture specialist and owner of a spa. He was describing how they are helping many people after the Coronavirus pandemic to regain their self-esteem and thus their financial freedom.
He was describing in detail everything they lived through this experience in China. I felt as if I was with them. How fragile all of us are we concluded and then we were discussing what we could do about it to help others in the west to regain selfsteem as soon as possible.

Everything in Asia catches my attention. I had the opportunity to live in China, Singapore and Vietnam. I also spent several months in Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia. And, I love Chinese foot massages to release tension and stress.
When I got very tired during my period living in China before going home after work, I would go to the spa and I will get a foot massage. I had a wonderful lady who took great care of me during that period of my life. I always left her a very handsome tip so that she could take even better care of me next time.
When I entered the small shop, the Chinese lady would run to the door so that no one else would help me.
It was very nice to see how she went out of her way for me. She was a beautiful old lady but her smile from ear to ear made her look even more beautiful.
Massages are a tradition in Asia and in China they are truly divine but they have many steps:
First you have to choose your preferred chair. I used to like to sit at the end of the spa, I felt it was more quite that part of the room.
Once you seat comfortable, they would bring me some hot towels to clean my hands. I still remember the scent, it was Jasmine! And then they served me a cup of green tea. One of those great cup of teas that are so lovely and can transport you to other worlds. Well, I can easily climb on a magic mat and I can travel around the world in my dreams and specially now after 32 days staying at home with the pandemic.
The next step was… the lady will bring me the “spa menu” all in Chinese of course and she will ask me to choose. Little by little, I learn to discover what I was ordering from that menu, hahaha my reading Chinese was poor, very poor; so I could only point one of the many selections and let myself be surprised. I am very adventurous and I am hardly scared of anything; so it was like a game and; when I choose all the employees and clients laughed at my “game” and everyone wanted to know what I got. Sometimes some ladies said no! and I chose again. My game was very funny for everyone at the boutique. Just doing it and seeing their faces was worth the cost of the service.
Then the lady will go to a little room and arrived back with a very cute and large wooden buket with very hot water. But before I put my feet on the raft, she cleaned my legs and feet with great enthusiasm, as if my feet were the most precious object she ever had (great customer experience!!!). I felt very calm and I loved watching her doing her work with such a devotion.
Once this step was finished she added the magic powders, and they were because it was part of the “spa menu” that I chose at random.
Many times, I chosen the smell of roses and other times Jasmine. Jasmine was my favorite.
Once the magic powders were stirred well she requested me to put my feet into the raft.
And a few minutes later the massage began.
She would take one leg out first, smear the cream on it that I brought with me and she will start. Sometimes she made me cry, but they were tears of happiness, it was removing all the accumulated stress of my body.
What a great days I had in China, what unforgettable memories.
And as I was dreaming away with my China adventure’s, Berend comes back and tells me: The perfect combination is quesadillas with Gouda cheese, Dutch of course. And avocado! It is the perfect combination for one more day at home.

Cheers from my house in Holland and dreaming of my beach house…. Keep positive!

-end of the story –

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