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Go on and make magic happen in the information age!

IF you are one of those incredibly talented persons who can basically do everything, this is your time to shine in the information age.

Make a long list of fully random services that you are willing to sell and market for the NEXT 3-5 YEARS. ⁣

Find your Red Thread. Go through everything you have ever done and loved. Just start and keep going. ⁣Select the top 3 and develop the idea. Remember must be a hit for the new needs on the information age.

Bring value always!

Focus on what is IN your Zone. Those areas that you are unique.
That is where the money will come from. Don’t be afraid!

The money is in those areas that we feel like a genius!

Market with a clear focus on the OUTCOME of your SERVICES and in a way that your STORY will speak honestly to grab the attention of your future clients.

Meet up virtually with at least 30 people and find out if they are your potential clients. Ask questions. ⁣Keep asking.

Mature your idea. Use the feedback you are getting.

Market, market, market!

Be one of the people who knows how to take action and grab the opportunity. Say welcome to the information age!

Now go on and BeBig join us in our Financial challenge.

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