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Miracles do happen at Christmas time

Miracles do happen at Christmas time!

For many of us December is the month to relax and enjoy with family and friends.

For many is to travel to another city, another country to see our love ones.

However, December is also the time to be honest with ourselves and to review our objectives against what we have accomplished.

For a few of us, December is also the month to work harder than the previous months to complete all our milestones to finish our targets.

December is also the best month to set the new objectives for 2018 and to visit all your customers to close a few more deals when everyone one else is enjoying the festivities and their families.

It is always interesting to see that Miracles do happen at Christmas time to those who don’t give up in November or early December.

Miracles do happen to those who take the full responsibility to continue working hard on achieving this year objectives.

Applied Action always create things in motion, create changes, create miracles!

Do you know how to secure your own Miracles this Christmas?

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  1. Time to reflect about those goals who I haven’t reached and have the courage to dig dipper in order to find in my mind and personal story the root of my resistance or lack of energy in order to either change the goal or make a new strategy that works for me.

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