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See the opportunities everywhere you go. Here’s how?

You can see opportunities everywhere you go.

“Opportunities are everywhere, if you know where to look”.

I always heard this sentence from my family. Today, I am more convinced that it’s absolutely true. I was trained by my parents to do a few key things:

Number one:

Ask the right questions.

Good questions generate good answers. The more good questions we formulate ourselves, the more opportunities to have more options. As a result the better the quality of our decisions.

You see every time we ask good questions to ourselves or others, we are forcing our mind to stop, to analyze the answers. The more you practice the better you will come.

Number two:

Clarity to make decisions.

We need to see the tree from the woods. We need to have clarity to make the best decisions. We need to find the right moments not to allow all the noise coming to us from many directions like Social Media, Televisión, Personal interest of others. You need to be able to learn how and when to make your decisions. Clarity is key!

Number three:

Write down and visualize your desires, so your mind can focus.

Once is on paper, you can start visualising your desires, your objectives. Our mind will then focus on those things.

You will start seeing everywhere the new opportunities and then you can decide what is best for you.

Remember your mind act like another muscle in your body. Needs to exercise. The more questions you ask your self the more you trained your brain.

So don’t be afraid to ask questions. Bad questions do not exist.

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