Digital Mindset

Everyone needs to have a digital mindset. Not matter if you are just a student or an executive in a large corporation. We all need to have a Digital Mindset. Having a digital mindset implies a new set of values and principles for our organizations or our entrepreneurships. It starts with how our followers andContinue reading “Digital Mindset”

Where to focus: Artificial Intelligence is the name of the game!

There are many shades of grey to this question. The key is to define what are those shades of grey!

Anticipate and Adapt quickly!

The phrase going back to normal it’s a thing of the past. I believe the new phrase is: anticipate and adapt quickly. Customer experience and creating new value are critical in the new digital economy. How will your serve your customer better and how will you transition your clients from the traditional way to theContinue reading “Anticipate and Adapt quickly!”

Financial Freedom: One step at the time!!!

I love this phrase: One Step at the time. We probably need to learn to do things differently to pick up the pace. However one step at the time will get you there, even if you feel the fear. Suggested decisions to put into practice to gain your financial freedom: 1. Every morning remember yourContinue reading “Financial Freedom: One step at the time!!!”

Crisis or Good luck?

Do you know that good luck is the opposite of crisis.
One of the most interesting benefits of focusing on the opposite is “How to defeat the fears of entrepreneurs right now”.

Creating value is to talk about the things that matter!

Creating value is to talk about the things that matter! Impact the world with value. Giving value will never be out of style! Take the opportunity to really impact the world with your uniqueness. Help others to see what the future holds even we’re going through a tough time and a lot of people areContinue reading “Creating value is to talk about the things that matter!”

Don’t play safe!

You’ll look back a year from now as the time you were brave and stepped up while others decided to stick their heads in the sand and play it safe. Use this crisis as a springboard for either starting a new hustle or taking your business to the next level. Remember leaders must continue toContinue reading “Don’t play safe!”

¿Tus modelos de negocio están a la vanguardia?

¿Cada cuándo las empresas pequeñas o medianas nos cuestionamos si nuestros modelos de negocio aún crean valor? Está pregunta es muy significativa porque los modelos de negocio evolucionan muy rápidamente. Y con las tecnologías digitales aún más. Yo siempre digo: Todo cambia hasta el cambio, así que tú se el líder del cambio. Revisa losContinue reading “¿Tus modelos de negocio están a la vanguardia?”

Qué te caracteriza

¿Qué te caracteriza? ¿Cuál es tu verdadera esencia? ¿Qué te hace singular? Lo más curioso es que muchas veces no lo sabemos. Probablemente, lo que más nos caracteriza es sin duda nuestros valores aunados con nuestras habilidades, creencias, tradiciones y nuestros detalles únicos. ¿Pero si te preguntan que es lo que te caracteriza, cómo teContinue reading “Qué te caracteriza”

Hoy me doy el lujo de mimarme.

Hoy más que nunca me doy el lujo de mirarme. Aveces se nos olvidan que las cosas pequeñas cuentan y cuentan mucho. Cada momento que tengo para mí lo agradezco infinitamente y lo aprovechó al máximo. Me encanta mimarme. Me encanta descansar mi mente y dejar que el viento me acaricié. Me encanta tomar miContinue reading “Hoy me doy el lujo de mimarme.”