Reto Financiero: Día 10

Enfrenta tus miedos

Digital Mindset

Everyone needs to have a digital mindset. Not matter if you are just a student or an executive in a large corporation. We all need to have a Digital Mindset. Having a digital mindset implies a new set of values and principles for our organizations or our entrepreneurships. It starts with how our followers andContinue reading “Digital Mindset”

Where to focus: Artificial Intelligence is the name of the game!

There are many shades of grey to this question. The key is to define what are those shades of grey!

Financial Freedom: One step at the time!!!

I love this phrase: One Step at the time. We probably need to learn to do things differently to pick up the pace. However one step at the time will get you there, even if you feel the fear. Suggested decisions to put into practice to gain your financial freedom: 1. Every morning remember yourContinue reading “Financial Freedom: One step at the time!!!”

Be flexible!

With so many changes in these times, you must know how to choose among all the opportunities that you and your company have to grow in order to have a greater chance of success. You must be flexible and accept that all your current knowledge and skills will be challenged, you may even have toContinue reading “Be flexible!”

Alinear para lograr tu libertad Financiera

Te invitamos a que escuches el podcast que me hicieron en el programa”Mujer a prueba de balas”. Aquí te dejo el link. Acuérdate que en estos momentos de vacas flacas tenemos que tener un control absoluto de nuestras finanzas personales.

How to continue getting results in this new economy?

Take action to succeed

Libertad Financiera: Tú derecho propio

La abundancia es para todos y existe para todos. Para tí también. Adriana Rodríguez Deja de pensar que tener libertad financiera es solo un cuento de hadas y que sólo algunos tienen la posibilidad de conseguirla. Todos en este mundo desde nuestro nacimiento tenemos las mismas 24 horas que cualquier otra persona. Todos los recursosContinue reading “Libertad Financiera: Tú derecho propio”