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Marcio Aragao

Adriana is an excellent leader and mentor and very respected by her team and her peers. She inspires great performances from her team, always leading from the front. She listens well and cares a great deal about the company. Her door is always open and you always feel comfortable talking to her when you are unsure about something. When she has time (which is often limited due to her number of travels), she occasionally take the team to lunch and have a chat. While this may look like small things, it is through these little details that I see how much she cares about the company as well as the people inside it. She has excellent strategic vision and able to translate that vision into real value adds and results for customers on a daily basis. Adriana always impressed with her knowledge of the market and her ability to solve complex cases. She is definitely an effective leader with a visionary outlook. Adriana is a very strong, matured, knowledgeable person I have ever worked for.

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