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Maria McAuliffe

I have had the immense pleasure of having Adriana as a Mentor for the past year, it has been an extremely rewarding opportunity for me . Adriana gives so much of her time and knowledge to others in a way that inspires you to want to do more and be the best version of yourself. She helps you to push the boundaries of what holds you back and challenges you to push through the barriers to express yourself and define yourself in a way you never thought you could, she peels back the layers and walls we naturally put up as we climb the corporate ladder trying to be tough negotiators, strong leaders etc.. Her process is a real journey of self-exploration and stock taking of all you have accomplished but have buried away as you focus on the next challenge or target. Coming through a mentorship with Adriana will leave you feeling positive , clam, Enlighten and at peace with yourself and more importantly being able to give yourself that pat on the back for all you have accomplished. The experience also directs you to find your brand define your style and focus on what you want to achieve from yourself and your teams. Adriana is not only a wonderful mentor to work with but also a great person who wants to share her knowledge and successes not only in business but in her humanitarian work and Life itself. Adriana thanks for the wisdom, the time and the experience I look forward to continuing the journey .

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