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Roger Silverman

When I met Adriana a few years ago, the very first thing I noticed about her was her passion, energy and dedication. The second thing I noticed was her intelligence and ability to communicate with colleagues on all different levels. Since we’ve worked together, I have never known her to not achieve her goals, she just knows how to get the job done. For Adriana to achieve what she has, in a company with a very challenging business culture is a testament to her professional skills. When you speak with people that have worked with her, they can not say enough good things about her. She is extremely supportive, has very strong interpersonal skills and is an inspiring leader. Overall she is a pleasure to work with and single handedly creates a positive atmosphere around her. My one regret is that Adriana and I didn’t get to work together as often as I would have liked. I believe she would be a valuable asset to any company she would work for. I give her my highest recommendations. Please feel free to contact me for any questions regarding Adriana.

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