I highly recommend Adriana Boersma as a sales executive. Adriana was my manager and mentor from 2010 – 2012. Adriana was responsible at Huawei for Service Sales in Europe always reaching targets and has the ability of motivating her sales team across Europe. Adriana has excellent communication skills from engineer till CEO. She is extremely hard working, reliable and focusing on the right targets. Adriana is flexible and ensures that the job gets done. She also has a great drive and passion for her work. Adriana is a very cleaver woman that knows how to discuss the right things at senior executive levels. Too bad she got promoted and is now working for one of the biggest accounts of Huawei. She still is a tremendous asset for our company and has my highest recommendation. If you have any further questions with regard to her background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tom Vos

I have the pleasure of working with Adriana for more than 2 years now.. As the Vice President of Strategy, Marketing and Sales, the team that Adriana built and the value they delivered played a huge role in driving the substantial growth Huawei experienced since she started to work with us – the tremendous success that we realized was due in large part to her vision and leadership as well as strong business acumen. Like all great marketeers, she continues to be an innovator and keeps things moving avoiding the “status-quo”. She is also one of the most committed people I know to adapt, implement and develop exceptional solutions to complex business issues and inspire team members to focus on “getting better every day

Nada Kresic Razumic

When I met Adriana a few years ago, the very first thing I noticed about her was her passion, energy and dedication. The second thing I noticed was her intelligence and ability to communicate with colleagues on all different levels. Since we’ve worked together, I have never known her to not achieve her goals, she just knows how to get the job done. For Adriana to achieve what she has, in a company with a very challenging business culture is a testament to her professional skills. When you speak with people that have worked with her, they can not say enough good things about her. She is extremely supportive, has very strong interpersonal skills and is an inspiring leader. Overall she is a pleasure to work with and single handedly creates a positive atmosphere around her. My one regret is that Adriana and I didn’t get to work together as often as I would have liked. I believe she would be a valuable asset to any company she would work for. I give her my highest recommendations. Please feel free to contact me for any questions regarding Adriana.

Roger Silverman

I had the opportunity to work with Adriana while being the Delivery/PMO director of the Huawei Vimpelcom Global Account. Adriana brings in great characteristic of her personal management style: energy, openness, flexibility, combined with the ability to manage and control without using autocratic methods and giving a lot of freedom to her teammembers . Throughout the time we worked together, I learned Adriana is a great networker and negotiator, demanding but fair manager, strong personality, always very dedicated and committed to her tasks. From personal point of view, Adriana is a very honest and straight forward person, with great degree of integrity, endless enthusiasm, energetic and she has a great sense of humor.

Erik Eising

Adriana is one of the few women I’ve been working with in a leading commercial position, since long time ago. Adriana has a strong impact on any team she manages. She leads by example with clear targets and outstanding energy, she can place full responsibility on someone’s hands but offers at a time trust and support on any task, project or commercial deal.

Alicia Guadarrama Gustafsson

I worked with Adriana in my first 1.5 years in Huawei. To me she was not just a boss but also a business woman role model. Her spirit, intelligence, and interpersonal skills are truly amazing. I never understand how she could manage her works, the sales team… and her family! Adriana built the Service Sales team, led the team to break the sales target, and developed marketing activities ideas that are implemented up to now. She always full with creative ideas and she knew how to drive things to happen. One thing that we are all appreciated a lot was that she highly appreciate her team. She made time to discuss with the team, gave trust and room for self-development, and supported the career of each team member. She was also one of the best speakers and negotiators, she got the trust and respect from Customers and industry analysts. It was such a pleasure working with her, we miss her energy who drove us to always strive for the best.

Angelique Rosemary Hendarto

Adriana is an excellent leader and mentor and very respected by her team and her peers. She inspires great performances from her team, always leading from the front. She listens well and cares a great deal about the company. Her door is always open and you always feel comfortable talking to her when you are unsure about something. When she has time (which is often limited due to her number of travels), she occasionally take the team to lunch and have a chat. While this may look like small things, it is through these little details that I see how much she cares about the company as well as the people inside it. She has excellent strategic vision and able to translate that vision into real value adds and results for customers on a daily basis. Adriana always impressed with her knowledge of the market and her ability to solve complex cases. She is definitely an effective leader with a visionary outlook. Adriana is a very strong, matured, knowledgeable person I have ever worked for.

Marcio Aragao

Adriana is a very seasoned leader for an international sales environment. She has a continuous focus on customer satisfaction and high quality results for the company, department or team she leads. She was able to turn around a product oriented sales force into a solution driven force. When we worked together she achieved both years the very ambitious European targets. She built a multi-cultural West-European team with a focus on team-results and a natural interest and responsibility for the individual team-members. Adriana has also a natural performance on C-level. When I was working at Huawei it was my first assignment as a senior solution sales director, Adriana was a real mentor to me in the art of international sales management. No nonsense and dedicated! Highly recommended!

Marco Heida

Adriana lives and breathes sales. Externally she is very committed to the customer needs and satisfaction. She has a strong network on C-level, and knows how to get the attention of the right people. Internally she is very committed to the sales targets and drives her team to complete the targets together. Working in her team is dynamic and never has a dull moment. It brings many opportunities and a lot of freedom. For that she is committed to her people and fights for her team and the people in her team. What she promises she does! She is very hard working, has lots of energy, is demanding but fair, and knows how to get things done. I learnt a lot from her, and loved to work for and with her.

Mark Happel

Adriana is a transformational leader with an excellent capability of building teams and enhancing customer relations. Her impact on executive level has been instrumental for the business. Furthermore, she is a driving force to develop the people in the team and the functioning of the team as a whole. Adriana’s strong combination of people and business focus makes her a succesful executive, especially in international sales.

Jarl Springer

Adriana is an All-around team leader. Professionalism, Energy, Kindness and the Ethics she places to her living allows to build strategy, develop teams and develop work allways accomplishing objectives. I am honored to place my personal recommendation. She will allways be a great asset in any company and team she works with.

Victor Monsivais

I had the privilege of working for Adriana Boersma in the Service team for more than two years at Huawei Technologies, VimpelCom Key Account. Adriana is not only someone with tremendous expertise and experience, but also someone who is very passionate about what she does and only demands high standards of work from herself and her team. This high expectation made me and my team members all strived harder in the work we did; giving out 210% effort in ensuring we met our customers’ expectations. Adriana is also the person I turned to for advice as how to create more value in the work I did and the value I bring to our customer VimpelCom. I thank you Adriana for your wonderful leadership, drive and foresight.

Changwan Wang

I had the pleasure to work with Adriana for 2 years, she is a very dynamic, focused and highly motivational leader, whom always got the best out of her people by involving them in the decision making processes and unifying them as a very successful unit. She provided the drive in pro-actively developing, managing, building and maintaining customer relationships and driving sales within her team. I can give her the highest recommendation, she has great passion in all aspects in life had would be a major benefit to any organisation.

Richard Ringrose

I’ve been part of Adriana’s team during a very interesting period. I learned from Adriana what really means leadership and the art of leading teams. Adriana is a very nice person, able to mobilize teams, very creative and skilled in organizations change management.

Vasile Lacatus

I had a privilege to have Adriana as my manager in two companies: Ericsson and Huawei. She was trying permanently to encourage and push the team members out of limits for their personal and carrier development. Her strong leadership, inexhaustible energy, positive attitude and great sense of humor always motivate team & peers to achieve great results. Her openness, fairness, ability to be very close to people were always highly appreciated by her team members as well as by management team. It was a great pleasure to work with Adriana, as she is a true asset to any organization.

Sergiu Gandea

Besides being a global trend setting manager —who has been passionately navigating the executive ships on all sorts of international waters….. Adriana is a beautiful human, extremely generous in building – up talent with constructive support while never forgetting the big picture, the details and the shareholders value.

Ana-Maria Pruteanu

I have the pleasure of being mentored by Adriana, through Everwise. From our first conversation, I knew she was going to be a transformative force in my career. She is direct, astute, and pushes you to grow through advice and strategies she shares. She is also incredibly generous with her thoughts and time, and has exceeded my expectations of the mentoring scheme. I look forward to our regular catch-ups, and in the short time we’ve been working together, already feel the impact of our conversations taking hold. I would recommend Adriana to anyone who is seeking advice and support in their career — whatever your challenges and goals are.

Eimear Lambe

I have had the immense pleasure of having Adriana as a Mentor for the past year, it has been an extremely rewarding opportunity for me . Adriana gives so much of her time and knowledge to others in a way that inspires you to want to do more and be the best version of yourself. She helps you to push the boundaries of what holds you back and challenges you to push through the barriers to express yourself and define yourself in a way you never thought you could, she peels back the layers and walls we naturally put up as we climb the corporate ladder trying to be tough negotiators, strong leaders etc.. Her process is a real journey of self-exploration and stock taking of all you have accomplished but have buried away as you focus on the next challenge or target. Coming through a mentorship with Adriana will leave you feeling positive , clam, Enlighten and at peace with yourself and more importantly being able to give yourself that pat on the back for all you have accomplished. The experience also directs you to find your brand define your style and focus on what you want to achieve from yourself and your teams. Adriana is not only a wonderful mentor to work with but also a great person who wants to share her knowledge and successes not only in business but in her humanitarian work and Life itself. Adriana thanks for the wisdom, the time and the experience I look forward to continuing the journey .

Maria McAuliffe

Adriana is a transformational change force, her passion for success endless. She sees the opportunities in every challenge and her energy is contagious. Adriana is a top senior leader with a unique combination of strategic business acumen and actionable execution capabilities. During my time working with Adriana, I have enjoyed and appreciated her as a trustworthy, active listener who genuinely cares for the people in her team, supportive and a great coach and advisor

Pilar Torres

From the very first day since I met Adriana for job interview I was very positively impressed by Adriana’s capabilities to motivate, to encourage, to inspire and to lead whole team and each team member personally to the common target, and also by Adriana’s vision and intuition to discover human’s talents that fit into organizational strategy and makes valuable impact on the personal development. Adriana would certainly be a invaluable asset to any organization, especially to the ones with international exposure.

Andrey Bakhtin, M.Sc.Eng, MBA

I started my couching with Adriana and since the first day I felt different, she is determinant, direct and honest person that knows to read the feelings and necessities of the others, since the beginning she gives you solutions, she is the best.

Ana Maria Villalobos

Adriana has coached me, and she and her wisdom have changed my life forever. My thoughts are changing, I feel happier, the actions that I am taking are impacting more positively to others, and therefore more positive things are coming my way. Meeting Adriana has been a blessing, and I will always be thankful!

Edith Chávez

I am currently being mentored by Adriana and in the last few months I have seen my life transforming into a world full of possibilities. Adriana is a wonderful human being and an incredible leader. She is fluent in mixing her massive amount of business acumen with practical and human approach to help solve challenges no matter what the size or the type. Her insight of business and the human condition go way beyond the average leader and that makes her effective and her pupils successful. One of the things I love about our interactions is her open and honest style. She is challenging and has made me realize that I already have what it takes to succeed to achieve my goals, but most of all, she has thought me to dream big and never give up. In my view, her contribution is improving the world. I am so happy to be mentored by her.

Dulce Alvarez

Adriana is one of the most inspiring people I’ve met .She is a great leader and she can make you feel that you have the power to change the world.Thanks Adriana for all positive energy

Iuliana Tucaliuc

I just started Adriana’s mentoring program and it has been a true life-changing experience. Her listening skills are only paired by her capacity to go to the core of the issues and help you not only become a more effective and focused professional, but also a happier and better human being! I’ve discovered things in the last weeks that I have never realised in a lifetime career and am all the better for it. Adriana has a unique multi-cultural perspective that allows her to fully understand even very complex personal, work and multinational situations. She is a joy to work with always with a smile and a specific measurable task to complete. Cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you!

Patricia de la Garza – Diericx

Adriana is an inspirational person. She offered me valuable advice and encouragement on several occasions, early in a project I was setting up. I’m very happy to recommend her to any company or individual, looking for a resilient, intelligent and visionary leader.

Shane Ó Seasnáin

Adriana is insightful, to the point, encouraging and multicultural. I am very grateful to her. She is highly recommended.

Jason Spensley

Adriana changed my life and empowered me to achieve all my goals, she also helped me improve my self-image. I had the pleasure of working with Adriana and as she coached me and taught me techniques that I now use daily I could see my hunger for growth increase. Above all, I was impressed how supportive and dedicated Adriana was to my success. And, of course, her talent to inspire and coach is incomparable. Adriana would be a true asset for anybody looking to improve their personal life and professional career and comes with a heartfelt recommendation.

Veronica Saldana, SHRM-CP

Knowing Adriana as the visionary leader who drives the Team to 1B project. With her strategic approach Adriana managed Multinational region to enforce 15 Multicultural environment within the company to achieve new results within digital Transformation period. She was working with many nationalities, people manager involving everyone to be part of the transformation and the decisions. In addition to that I’d like to admit Adriana’s willingness to help and explain complex issues in simple language.

Nadiia Vasylieva

I was honoured to work with Adriana in a multi-cultural global team. She is highly professional, customer oriented with a special business acumen. She has a clear and natural leadership that helped her to build strong and successful teams always committed and oriented to big achievements and results. Even when acting in a very senior positions, Adriana never negleted to encourage and motivate people in her organization paying a lot of attention and spending also overtime to take care about everyone’s confidence and human well being in working place and activities. She achieved extraordinary results in her managerial career in Tier1 ICT Companies thanks to her knowledge, determination, passion, hardworking and dedication. I remember working with Adriana as one of the most significant experiences in all my career

Iolanda Giallonardo

I took part of a mentoring program and Adriana was selected to be my mentor ; we had the opportunity to talk to each other very openly over a period of 6 months. Adriana knows very well the large international companies work environment and she is very strong in capturing people’s strengths and weaknesses ; she helped me to better structure my work, better manage my team, and build a stronger strategic vision. She was really instrumental in making me move to another level of management. She is someone I would definitely recommend if you look for personal development and if you want to be challenged or challenge your employees.

Sabine Turkieltaub

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Adriana for several months now, during which I was mentored by her as part of my company leadership program. I believe that Adriana combined all the things that I wanted to have in a mentor: – very strong experience in the industry at senior level in major global companies – ability to pin-point and address your personal challenges in your day to day private or professional life. – her own life story and how she dealt with it Adriana learned me relaxation techniques when being under pressure and created a simple step by step mental “re-programing” plan which I believe will help me to free my true potential, to be more happy in my life and to be more in control at my job. If you are looking for help in those domains, I recommend Adriana for your mentorship.

Christophe Quiedeville

Adriana is an exceptional coach, who uniquely combines her vast professional experience at senior management level with useful coaching frameworks and tools. Furthermore, she is very flexible and creative in the types of services she provides, so that these can be fit for corporations as well as individuals, with different types of needs. She is passionate, principle-based and results driven. I can fully recommend working with her.

Beatriz Elena Ahle

Adriana has been an fantastic career coach for the past year and a half I have partnered with her in my career growth. She has helped me to successfully navigate through complicated organizational structure and business challenges by always pushing me to think big and get out of my comfort zone to drive for the best professional outcome. Adriana brings years of successful executive leadership and honest interest and empathy for her clients. She is honestly vested in her clients’ professional success and she is willing to go the extra mile with them. No matter which state you are in your career, her experience and method of coaching will not only challenge you to be the best you can be but will also provide you with the tools to take the reigns of your career

Luis Pedro Martínez

Adriana has been an fantastic mentor to me over the past year. She has worked at a very senior level in many large international companies and was able to impart amazing advice and coaching on how better to manage my team and build my own brand. She has helped me to think bigger and move outside of my comfort zone to drive my career forward. She honestly changed my life and how I thought about my future goals and where I saw myself going on both a career and personal level. She is very dedicated to her clients and really wants you to excel and grow. When I told her about my own promotion she was as happy as I was for me. I cannot recommend Adriana enough as a mentor. Anyone would be very luck to have her work with them.

Rachel Tobin

Adriana has been an exceptional mentor and coach over the last few months, she has a wealth of experience in the sector and shared her learnings and many powerful tools which have really helped me focus and grow. Her insight is amazing forcing me to reflect and analyse which in turn have helped understand the next steps. I strongly recommend Adriana, she will push you to be the best you can be and that is always a good thing, Thank You!

Gareth Rees

The best life coach ever! Thank you very much for your advise and guidance during those years, you are amazing. Thanks for your help and support… I am your fan #1!!! A way to go, blessings 🙂

Jazmin Spronk

Adriana is a wonderful life coach, and a leadership coach. She has a no-nonsense way of bringing the lessons and has pragmatic ways of achieving goals. I appreciate her help very much!

Steven Spronk

Recomiendo las mentorias individuales de Adriana, son muy potentes en la primera sesión ya produjo unos grandes cambios en mi, su acompañamiento es muy profesional, amoroso, cercano. Ya hemos hecho la segunda sesión y lo que llevaba tiempo que no entendía, se ha definido. Sigue mi camino a mi emprendimiento y libertad financiera. Muchas gracias, ha sido un regalo para mi encontrarte como mi mentora, era lo que necesitaba para impulsarme en mi propósito laboral y personal.

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