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Angelique Rosemary Hendarto

I worked with Adriana in my first 1.5 years in Huawei. To me she was not just a boss but also a business woman role model. Her spirit, intelligence, and interpersonal skills are truly amazing. I never understand how she could manage her works, the sales team… and her family! Adriana built the Service Sales team, led the team to break the sales target, and developed marketing activities ideas that are implemented up to now. She always full with creative ideas and she knew how to drive things to happen. One thing that we are all appreciated a lot was that she highly appreciate her team. She made time to discuss with the team, gave trust and room for self-development, and supported the career of each team member. She was also one of the best speakers and negotiators, she got the trust and respect from Customers and industry analysts. It was such a pleasure working with her, we miss her energy who drove us to always strive for the best.

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