Convierte algo difícil en increíblemente fácil

Necesitamos cambiar los sistemas que están vinculados a nuestros hábitos de una manera deliberada. La disciplina y la consistencia son la verdadera clave. Todos los días nuestras pequeñas acciones nos llevan a cambiar los patrones de nuestros hábitos. Muchas personas se rinden antes de conseguirlo. Cuando aprendemos a disfrutar el progreso diario y lo celebramosContinue reading “Convierte algo difícil en increíblemente fácil”

Mindfulness moment

For me, Mindfulness is the quality of being present and fully engaged with whatever we’re doing at the moment zero distraction and no judgment.


A powerful signal of the universe that we are in the right track that is synchronicity for me. Every one manifest synchronicity in different forms for example being in the right place at the right time, seeing the same numbers like 126 for me. Dreaming about it and then seeing them repeatedly in your life.Continue reading “Synchronicity”

Remember who you are!!!

You’re unique and magnificent. You possess everything to go out and shine. Look inside of you to get inspired and embrace your magnificence. I invite you to discover the  magnificence you possess. Learn how to bring it out to the world with value. You’re unique never forget that! Allow your magnificence and abundance life toContinue reading “Remember who you are!!!”

21 of March- 24 hours guided meditations

March 21st.  Join 24 hours of meditation to find self-love and to reduce the panic over the pandemic.  We will be 24 broadcasting live from Australia, Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico and South America.  Join and spread the word. We all know what’s currently happening across the globe. We’ve seen the news, read some articles (bothContinue reading “21 of March- 24 hours guided meditations”

Learn to live your success

Learn to live your successes and your failures in a way that can impact your world with awareness. Your experiences can help others motivate them to overcome their fears. The sum of your learning and your experiences can exceed all expectations and be the springboard to go further for others and also for yourself. DiscoverContinue reading “Learn to live your success”

Mi escondite perfecto

Las espigas bailan de un lado a otro, y cuando el viento las menea y las sarandea, ellas empiezan a cantar de alegría. De repente el viento sopla más fuerte y su baile se convierte en una gran danza. Y cuando los veleros pasan a su lado dejando oleaje ellas más se alegran. Todo enContinue reading “Mi escondite perfecto”