Digital Mindset

Everyone needs to have a digital mindset. Not matter if you are just a student or an executive in a large corporation. We all need to have a Digital Mindset. Having a digital mindset implies a new set of values and principles for our organizations or our entrepreneurships. It starts with how our followers andContinue reading “Digital Mindset”

The new question: Is there a valid reason to do it in person?

Is there a valid reason to do it in person?

Where to focus: Artificial Intelligence is the name of the game!

There are many shades of grey to this question. The key is to define what are those shades of grey!

Anticipate and Adapt quickly!

The phrase going back to normal it’s a thing of the past. I believe the new phrase is: anticipate and adapt quickly. Customer experience and creating new value are critical in the new digital economy. How will your serve your customer better and how will you transition your clients from the traditional way to theContinue reading “Anticipate and Adapt quickly!”

Creating value is to talk about the things that matter!

Creating value is to talk about the things that matter! Impact the world with value. Giving value will never be out of style! Take the opportunity to really impact the world with your uniqueness. Help others to see what the future holds even we’re going through a tough time and a lot of people areContinue reading “Creating value is to talk about the things that matter!”

Don’t play safe!

You’ll look back a year from now as the time you were brave and stepped up while others decided to stick their heads in the sand and play it safe. Use this crisis as a springboard for either starting a new hustle or taking your business to the next level. Remember leaders must continue toContinue reading “Don’t play safe!”

Go on and make magic happen in the information age!

IF you are one of those incredibly talented persons who can basically do everything, this is your time to shine in the information age. Make a long list of fully random services that you are willing to sell and market for the NEXT 3-5 YEARS. ⁣ Find your Red Thread. Go through everything you haveContinue reading “Go on and make magic happen in the information age!”


El actualizarnos representa dar un paso más para alcanzar esos sueños que aún tenemos y los muchos que vendrán.

Noticias falsas. ¿Que hacer?

Ayer me sucedió un buen ejemplo que quiero compartir con ustedes. Un buen ejemplo de aprendizaje y del cual todos podemos aprender. Ayer escribí un artículo muy lindo “Hacer todo desde la excelencia”. Me sentía excelente y para hacer el día más especial ganó el equipo Mexicano. El partido de fútbol contra Alemania. Cuando subíContinue reading “Noticias falsas. ¿Que hacer?”