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Talk to your fears

The best way to deal with your fears is to talk to them.

Learn to communicate with them to learn what message is trying to communicate.

Once you know your fears make a list, breathe in and welcome them for a brief moment and try to focus on how to find a remedy for each of them.

Allow yourself to sit with that particular fear to understand what it’s the message that wants to communicate.

Breathe in for a few seconds and proceed to find the remedy.

Now imagine that your fear becomes reality; try to apply your remedy immediately; and check if your fear is reducing. If you don’t see a big difference. Don’t worry. Just breathe in and say it’s okay and do something that nature your soul like going for a walk in the park or calling Mom. The important thing is to immerse yourself in an activity that makes you happy.

Then go back after a few days later and try again to find a new remedy and repeat above suggestions till you feel comfortable with your own solutions, your own remedy.

Once you do this task regularly most of your fears will melt away.

I recommend to have the habit of exercise regularly do some yoga, dance, clean the house, gardening.

We must talk to our fears. Just tell your fears that you’re now in control; and that you are not intimidated by them, but you are greatful to learn, so please communicate with me.

Now take time to be greatful for the messages and your new learnings about yourself. Write a few lines in your own journal about why you are greatful today.

Always repeat positive affirmations like for example: I am in control and from now onwards, I am finding my own remedies.

Be your own remedy. Talk to your fears and focus on something that bring you into your own flow.

I like to support my search for finding my own remedies with aroma therapy. Try it & let me know how much it help you.

Essential oils can help with the fear factor to reduce the toxicity levels in the body and ease the mental anguish around the fear. General oils that are useful in alleviating fear are chamomile, lavender, geranium, marjoram, bergamot, frankincense, neroli, and sandalwood.

Check out my link and discover aromatherapy as one of the support remedies:

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  1. Súper, siempre pienso que enfrentar nuestros miedos nos da la posibilidad de avanzar, curarse no es lamerse las heridas, es limpiar para sanar y seguir adelante.
    Gracias por recordarnos que se vale tener miedo, pero no dejarse vencer por èl.

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