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A traumatic experience to change your life!

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday contempleting the SunSet.

I was having a very honest conversation with two good friends and ex-work colleagues . They have not seen me in my new life, after the cancer.

They were happily surprised that I could be happy with my new “simple life”.

From a very busy corporate life. Jumping from one plane to another, from one meeting to another, to having time to enjoy every moment.

Before, I felt that the airline lounges were my living room and my seat in the plane, my best chair at home. It was just crazy! Sometime 2 -3 different countries in one week, then all my social life and my beautiful family.

Sometimes it takes a traumatic experience for some one to finally make positive changes.

I had a wonderful jobs at AT&T, Ericsson, Huawei and Microsoft. Amazing managers, employees and fantastic customers. I do miss them all every day. I am so grateful for my work life and experience. I learned so much!

However my cancer gave me the opportunity to change my life. To redifine my priorities.

It was not easy and; I still don’t have all the answers.

It is very though to let go, but it is more painful to keep all the anger, frustrations boiling inside you.

I started to learn to let go, to enjoy every moment.

I’m also using all my corporate experience and my traumatic event to help others to transform positively.

For me helping others is a big blessing.

To concentrate in giving, to have the opportunity in helping others to shine is giving me so much joy.

I’m finding my new path and is all center in giving back to society much more than society has given me.

The more I give, the more I feel blessed. It’s just magical!

I hope my message of Empowerment and Positive Transformation get to many people without them have to go thru a traumatic event.

Looking forward to seeing others finding their new golden lining……

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  1. Hi Adriana, impressive story. I had followed you the past years and had seen your career changes, but wasnt sure what caused the change. Hope you are doing and feeling well and that you are in great health, lets stay connected. Vincent

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