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Where to focus: Artificial Intelligence is the name of the game!

Artificial Intelligence it’s the new King in town. It is the name of the game!

Being an IT and Telecom Rocky myself; I think the industry I love it’s the name of the game and; my favorite recommendation is to focus on Artificial Intelligence and everything related to this topic.

I think in the future we will see more collaboration between AI and humans. We need to solve a lot of tasks. Are you the one who will lead some of the new developments?

Artificial Intelligence will not replace all jobs, but it certainly will make them easier.

Look around, our lives in the digital era are dominated by technology. We hardly can stay away from our technology gadgets let alone from our mobile phones.

As Artificial Intelligence becomes the new norm in many aspects of our lives from personal assistants, on demand customers menus till CEOs and Board members in the future (which I predict a few years back); we will see less boundaries between industries.

Board members can predict and make good or better decions with the help of Data, Analytics and AI so soon we will see also some of them being replaced by AI intelligent Robots.

AI is not intended to replace politicians (yet), but a lot of governments will not waited so long to make critical decions about COVID 19 if they use actively AI and advance data technologies to help them with their choices.

Are we making us redundant? I hope not. There still many areas that humans will be better suited for.

But there are many shades of grey to this question. The key is to define what are those shades of grey!

The consumer contact points are growing with AI and blurring to the consumer eyes which industries are behind. The key to focus is customer value and customer service.

Who is becoming your supermarket choice? Amazon? You probably not alone.

Do you know that soon AI will help you to make the best use of your time left in this world. Science and AI are making big advancements that will help you predict your medical condition.

I already know when I will died, I am working with neuroscience to program myself to depart from physical body (04.05.2064); but I am definitely interested to recreate my self with the help of AI into the cloud with the help of my digital footprint and legacy.

What shade of grey are you? Bringing added value always can put you in any shade of grey.

BeBig wih Actions and always bring value!

11:11 was the time that my clock was marking when I finished this article. I guess the universe is helping me with my wish!

Time will tell!

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