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Did you got your Christmas present?

You help everyone else this year, how about thinking of you as well this Christmas?

Make your own present. Make it meaningful!

Some ideas:

Write down the top 12 things you are greatful. One for each month of the year. Go back in your mind and remember what was great and wonderful this past January, February, March…..

Write down all the blessings you have around you. Many, I am sure…….

Our blessings are always in the smallest things: The beautiful smile of your husband, the inner peace that you feel because you are healthy, the beautiful song that was playing in the radio and brought you back some memories, the amazing food that your son prepared for you.

Whatever they are, take the time to write them down. Keep those moments forever!

Write down all the great things you did for others and how did you felt by helping.

Think about all the blessings and all the beautiful things you have and you received. Write them down.

And don’t forget that perhaps forgiveness to yourself or some one important in your life is the best Christmas present that you can give to yourself.

Teach others the meaning of gratitude. Spread it around this Christmas season.

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