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I need help!

Hello everyone,

Let me tell you about my story so you can point me in the right direction. I need lots of advice on how to make it back.

For 35 years, I worked as a corporate leader. My last job was regional vice president for one of the most respected tier 1 Multinacionales.

I was responsible for 25 markets from East Europe to Mongolia.
I had 25 managers reporting to me and many wonderful people in Multicountry locations.

I travel the world, stayed in the most beautiful places, met amazing people, my main job as I called it was to transform leaders. To inspire them to achieve exponential value. Exponential growth and to give back to society. I was so happy. I felt in my zone each day.

One day, I received a call from my doctor and told me that I got a severe and advance form of breast cancer. I decided to quit my job and concentrate in getting back to “life”. At that point, I was not sure I was going to make it.

Two years ago on the date now. I am ready to create new exponential growth, to inspire new talent. I feel full of life. My life has a new meaning.

During my own Transformational process my husband and I bought a beautiful front beach house in Yucatan Mexico. We name it, Casa Turquesa Telchac. See map below for the location.

We remodeled the entire place and we converted into a 8 rooms Boutique house.
We now provide personalize services taylor made to fit the needs of all our guests from your own Butler till your private Concert.

All of the services we provide are with local people. The Boutique House is immersed in the Maya culture. Close to the house we have Flamingo’s, piramides, Cenotes, old Haciendas, etc.

We have great local Chefs that use all local organic ingredients. They prepared water mouth and delicious dishes. The most amazing Margaritas, salsas, etc.
All of the local people receive 100% of their money. We want to give back to society.

Also, I have started my own Transformational Coaching practice and I have a blog where I write motivational articles each day.

My biggest dream is to get back to inspire leaders, to be part of a remarkable company and if possible to work on Digital Transformational projects inspiring leaders as it’s one of my main passions.

My other dream is to have Casa Turquesa Telchac my small Boutique with full occupancy all 365 days of the year where amazing retreats are organized.

Where the local community benefit and if I could assist or be part of giving inspiration back to others. To transform life’s, to want more to be more.

My Boutique website is:
My Blog website is:

Thanks in advance for your assistance and looking forward to working and partnering with you.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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