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Shopping for Christmas? Think different!

Are you thinking about your Christmas shopping?

Perhaps you should make a list of all the things you really need and not what you want.

Do you really need another t-shirt, another box of chocolates, another…?

Perhaps this season you should think to give love, to give trust, to give compassion and not material things.

How about making your own presents. How about writing some of the best memories you had with your love ones? And share it with them.

How about giving yourself the permission to say I am sorry, I want to change, I want to be better and to take action, the first step as your best Christmas present?

Do you know that tomorrow 11 of November is the biggest day shopping day? Of course you know.

People will try to grab all the discounted articles, but make a list of what you really need. Be careful No to be suck into the purchasing game.

Ask your self the question, do I really need it? Do my family really need it? Or am I buying just to buy?

The second time that the average American family purchase their Christmas presents is between 11-20 of December. However a large amount of us waits till January.

So prepared yourself for the Season shopping and only purchase what you really need.


Consider that perhaps this season is more important to consider to give love, compassion, trust and forgiveness.

Perhaps the best shopping is to:

Believe in yourself!

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