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Digital Transformation start with small steps

Digital Transformation start with small steps.

For a company to be successful with their digital transformation needs all their employees to start doing small contributions all the time.

Change is constant. Competition will keep pushing us forward. Competition will help us to keep learning more, to want to be more.

Digital transformation required a new Leadership. A leadership who bring all the staff together to do small changes, smart contributions every day, every time. No just once!

Digital transformation will change everything we do, how we do it, but it is a constant transformation. In small dosis!

People shall be at the center of the digital transformation.

Future Digital leaders need to ask the right questions to embrace and inspire their teams. To inspire to believe in constant change in constant transformation.

Digital Transformation is not a one time only event.

The culture of the organization must be changed to accept the digital transformation and the constant evolution.

Strategy alone will not longer be enough!

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