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A powerful signal of the universe that we are in the right track that is synchronicity for me.

Every one manifest synchronicity in different forms for example being in the right place at the right time, seeing the same numbers like 126 for me. Dreaming about it and then seeing them repeatedly in your life. For many of us it’s glancing at the clock at the exact moment and seeing the same numbers like: 11:11.

Also, something that I experience frequently is alignment of birth dates. A few weeks ago, I found out that a great colleague of mine that we have the same ideas in a number of subjects have the same date birthday than mine.

In my book “A strange energy” it is a list of events, places, animals and symbols that I dreamed about it and then presented repeatedly in real life.

Synchronicity reveals the meaningful connection between the subjective and objective world.  – Carl Jung

I think it is more powerful than this. I think our meaning comes from the Hart.

Synchronicity is our hart united with our higher self guiding us to find the spiritual awakening in all of us. – ABR

Our unconscious mind influences a lot of our behavior; however if our hart is directing our thoughts and feelings at the same time; then our higher self is communicating with our conscious mind to guide us.

My life therefore is a magical adventure blessed day by day with all kind of gifts and strengths to bring my vision into reality.

Follow your own instincts, trust your intuition because it is truly powerful!

Believe in yourself. Be open minded to receive and always pay attention to the present moment.

You will learn to find when you are in the right track, making the right decisions with the right people and; when your hart is fully aligned with your values and your desires truly unique moments shows up in your life.

We are pure energy and when we find the perfect equilibrium of love and harmony we vibrate. Moments of synchronicity are produced by marvellous experiences, like the one I just encountered this morning.

I was doing my exercises, my morning routine in my house in the Netherlands and I was listening to a recorded presentation of my friend Patty WalLiz in Australia talking about the power of the mind and in the precise moment when she was describing that the hart has its own brain my mobile phone stopped. Like a powerful signal. I stopped the exercise machine and I checked what happened.

I got a message from Patty WalLiz that inform me that she is part of this new movement by Dr Joe Dispenza called #GOLOV20

The message read:

“In a couple of hours I will carry you in my heart while I make a special meditation to send you all the love and appreciation I feel for you!
Please be open your heart to receive✨

Meditation is called GOLOV-20 and it is the virus of love that transcends the space and time of the third dimension

Then it’s your turn to bless someone with this wave of love!

Go to this link this link and follow Dr Joe’s guide in this special meditation

It wishes you all the side effects of this virus.  #GOLOV20

And thus contribute to a new wave of love.” Finish off this message.

This vibration of love made this synchronicity possible and; it is my turn to share the power of love and synchronicity with you. Which I believe is the highest form.

Patty WalLiz in Casa Turquesa Telchac

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