¿Buscas Grandes Cambios?

Sabías que puedes reprogramar tu mente para obtener éxito y felicidad. Puedes cambiar completamente si implementas una rutina de arranque en tus mañanas y terminas tú dia con una rutina antes de dormir. Durante la noche hay una parte de tu cerebro que se apaga a la que se le conoce como mente consciente, peroContinue reading “¿Buscas Grandes Cambios?”

Redefining our Attitude

I would like to share a small fragment of my new book: “From one day to the next you realize that this attitude to see your world is no longer useful to you. And then you come to a point that you feel controlled by your habits and beliefs and you do not know howContinue reading “Redefining our Attitude”

What to do in times of crisis? Time to reinvent ourselves

No matter the challenge we are experiencing we must learn to get ahead. Our ability to reinvent ourselves is one of the most important characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and professionals. We must overcome barriers to meet the needs of people around the world, but always creating value.  That is the important thing. Despite the challengingContinue reading “What to do in times of crisis? Time to reinvent ourselves”


Let’s us celebrate today. It is alright to celebrate each day. Every day is special. Every day is a treat. Today, it’s my birthday and I hold this special day in hart. Today it will be a virtual celebration. A private celebration. It will be different and also amazing, because I decided to feel special.Continue reading “Celebration”

Where to focus: Artificial Intelligence is the name of the game!

There are many shades of grey to this question. The key is to define what are those shades of grey!

Remember who you are!!!

You’re unique and magnificent. You possess everything to go out and shine. Look inside of you to get inspired and embrace your magnificence. I invite you to discover the  magnificence you possess. Learn how to bring it out to the world with value. You’re unique never forget that! Allow your magnificence and abundance life toContinue reading “Remember who you are!!!”

Can you find financial freedom in your darkest hour

Can you find financial freedom in your darkest hour

“This too shall pass”

This too shall pass” a Persian adage to reflect a temporary nature or human condition. You have a choice to be proactive and productive or to be reactivate and sit back. At #bebig  we strongly believe that we must “Always find unique ways to add value”.How about up-level your skills to make a bigger impactContinue reading ““This too shall pass””

21 of March- 24 hours guided meditations

March 21st.  Join 24 hours of meditation to find self-love and to reduce the panic over the pandemic.  We will be 24 broadcasting live from Australia, Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico and South America.  Join and spread the word.https://www.facebook.com/groups/361177937635502 We all know what’s currently happening across the globe. We’ve seen the news, read some articles (bothContinue reading “21 of March- 24 hours guided meditations”