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What to do in times of crisis? Time to reinvent ourselves

No matter the challenge we are experiencing we must learn to get ahead.

Our ability to reinvent ourselves is one of the most important characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and professionals.

We must overcome barriers to meet the needs of people around the world, but always creating value.  That is the important thing.

Despite the challenging context we are experiencing, you must decided to move forward. That will decide if you are a winner or a loser in the new digital economy.

I am very excited to share a few ideas. I hope they help you:

  • Buy all the necessary expenses of the week and do all your necessary payments in one day of the week. See how fast you can start saving money.
  • Have a emergency fund available. Always have some cash as well during hardship times.
  • Invest in stocks, but understand what are the critical stocks to buy in time of crisis. I recommend to buy:
    • Gold, silver and some mining company are having great opportunities.
    • Chocolate or candy. Every one eats chocolate in time of crisis how about Nestle, Haribo of Hershey.
    • Technology gadgets and solutions. Everyone is working from home. How about Microsoft or Zoom
  • Working on creating passive income like:
    • Aromatherapy. Try my link:
    • Antiseptic products
  • Create a new entrepirse to disinfect and fumigate:
    • offices
    • industrial areas
    • schools
    • cars
    • trucks
    • public places
    • parks
    • churches.
  • Bring all your consultative services on line like:
    • doctors
    • psychologist
    • coaches
    • teacher
    • consultant
  • Urban gardens:
    • vertical orchards
    • rooftop gardens
    • balcony veggies gardens
  • Bee honey farming in the city
  • Be a YouTuber or an influencer
  • Create digital courses
  • Write a book

It is time to transform your business and your ideas. No time to waste. Focus on creating added value.

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