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Artificial Intelligence and the history of the cotton

Last night, I just finished reading a great book “The Empire of the Cotton” written by Sven Beckert a professor of history at Harvard University with a PhD from history from Columbia University.

I was fascinated by the tail of the history of cotton. The book conclusion is that a small and simple crop like cotton could transform the Global economic relations and launch wars like the American Civil war. And what is more interesting is how the cotton shape the foundations of capitalism.

If we observe what is happening now with Artificial Intelligence “AI”. We can start seeing some parallels.

It is a fact that AI can replace many of our jobs in the future.

“Bill Gates mentioned a few months ago that Robots should pay taxes”.

“Steven Hawkins mentioned yesterday in the press that we should be careful with AI”

I do believe AI will be the “new cotton”

So how to leapfrog and get the lesson learned from the empire of cotton and it’s history to avoid going in the same path.

I wish people like the author of this book Sven Beckert, Bill Gates, Steven Hawkins and the Richard YU from Huawei in China and Staya Nadella from Microsoft and others will give us their opinions to avoid creating new wars.

I think the “Empire of the Cotton” is a must read for all the millennials. Check the link below.

I love cotton and I love AI

The picture is taken outside one of the Mexican cotton old empires.

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