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21 of March- 24 hours guided meditations

March 21st.  Join 24 hours of meditation to find self-love and to reduce the panic over the pandemic.  We will be 24 broadcasting live from Australia, Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico and South America.  Join and spread the word.

We all know what’s currently happening across the globe. We’ve seen the news, read some articles (both factual and fake) and have an opinion about it.

I genuinely hope you’re safe and healthy. Our minds must be healthy as well.

The risk of living in fear? It can drive people into themselves, making them feel isolated and helpless. It is very good to reconnect with your inner soul and focus on helping others.

Bring value to others. Be genuine. Bring positive impact to your community and into your teams.

Don’t forget to reconnect with yourself. Moments of mindfulness around the day will keep us motivated and grateful.

Join us 21 of March.

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