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Why I am Fat?

Why I’m Fat?
Why am I fat? That question I’ve been asking myself for the last few weeks.
I am very intelligent I went to the university, in my House you do not find any junk food, the sugar does not exist in my cupboard and the bread it is something’s to enjoy only during the holidays.

I do not drink soft drinks. I also exercise every day. I’m super motivated and still cannot do it.

What’s happening to me?

Well I started to investigate and I asked the extra help of my husband, several experts and the “New University” the internet.
Together with my husband we reviewed the entire cupboard, the food we were buying and that part was not the problem.
Well at least that’s what we believe right now. We will see at the end of the story.
Then what is it?
We decided then that the first thing to do was to buy a new scale, one of those modern ones that measure the density of your bones, fat, water and muscle and of course the BMI and a fitness / activity tracker.
Well the scale arrives HOME and with the help of my husband we put on the “fitness tracker and the scale” we connect them together.
Well ready and now …….
Well, I climb the scale and here’s what I discovered:

I can no longer blame my bones. Those alone weigh 5.6%. My BMI is 35.2% red zone, alert! I can clearly see it in my beautiful little body – I did not need the scale to know it. It’s red alarm – almost purple I would say!

Most troubling was seeing that 46.4% of my body is pure fat!
Wow…. I am worried!
And that made me investigate further and want to know more. Then I remembered that I must ask smarter questions to get better answers. Of course, Adriana!
Then a good question would be: Why my body is not burning fat? What’s happening to me?
Or have I a bad thermostat or an incorrectly adjusted hormonal balance? Could it be because I took medicine for my cancer? But why put the blame on the medicines. It does not make sense, I think!

Of course, I’m also going through the most beautiful time of my life “My Menopause” but I will not blame it as my bones.

Then what is happening to me?
I keep investigating and this is what I learned until now:
First, I need to understand what it means and how all these exotic words work that reminded me when talking to the experts.
Words I do not use in my daily dialogue, or in my holidays. Ghrelin, Leptin, Insulin, Irisin, Cortisol, Cholecystokinin and Dopamine. I also need to learn quickly how they are playing an important role in my body if I want to achieve my goals?
Good and now how to understand each one – well – one by one. Well let’s start with what I think is one of the most interesting ones. Dopamine. It is according to Wikipedia “It is a neurotransmitter”. “A chemical released from a nerve ending, which interacts with a specific receptor to produce different physiological responses,” explains the UNAM.
In colloquial terms, it is like a drug. Also, better known for the drug of happiness. I explain below because it is so important that we consider it as a Drug!
But how do I get it to work to lose weight?
“Well first we must know that one of its main functions is to provide our motivation, our determination, helps us to control our impulses.
It is our mental energy!
When it is not well regulated it translates into problems of attention, you cannot focus, you have intense desires to eat food with sugar or coffee, you get dizzy, tired. You also lose control of your impulses and you lose your sexual appetite, “explains Bienestar180
WoW that is very interesting and then how is it regulated?
Dopamine is manufactured within our body from amino acids and; Amino acids need minerals and vitamins. And the most important thing is that it must be regulated to lose weight.
“Dopamine helps us motivate ourselves in difficult times, under a promise of a prize,” MIT says.
Well things are getting interesting, I like what MIT says “under a promise of reward ” a reward to make us feel good.
“Obese people have fewer dopamine receptors in the brain and the brain also remembers everything that often triggers dopamine levels,” explains Gene-Jack Wang.

Humans need to feel good all the time.

Is it then my lack of Dopamine receptors a deficiency that does not help me lose weight? And then how can I control it?
But I’m always motivated, I feel happy, and I do not feel that urge to eat sugar. So, what is happening to me?
Follow me on my blog to follow my research and the outcome of this new soap opera. Why am I fat?
Adriana Boersma

Transformational Coach

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