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AI, Robots will replace our jobs

AI, Robots will replace a lot of our jobs in the near future.

In less than 10 years if we don’t change our education system and the way we work, more Robots could take our jobs.

We need to think different!

What are the few things that AI and Robots can still not do?

Can you think of anything that we can do better than AI, Computers and Robots?

How about working with teams?

How about working in multicultural teams with different perceptions and values?

How about jobs that need compassion?

How about jobs in the service industry?

Is social media isolating us more and more and preventing us for keeping our jobs in the future?

In some cases we and our kids don’t know how to have full conversations any more and; many of us don’t know how to have patience to achieve new things.

Instant gratification is becoming our best friend.

Digital transformation is here and we all need to be part of it. A new leadership is needed. Are you ready?

We all need to develop a set of new skills that we can do better than AI, Computers and Robots.

What are your new set of skills? Are you ready? We all must transform!

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