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Resting is not lazy

Everyone needs a few days to rest.

Resting is not lazy!

Take the last 3 days of the year to rest and recharge your batteries.

When we rest we become more creative, more focus.

Give a rest to your body and mind. Let it be free for a few days. Just observe and enjoy the moment.

And in January 1st be ready!

Think about 2018 and how you can accomplish new things, how to move behind your fears.

How to work smarter and not longer?

Some ideas for you to consider:

  1. Use AI to your advantage.
  2. Outsource all the non essential activities.
  3. Hire experts in your new areas that you want to focus.
  4. Leverage process, tools, methods.
  5. Hire a Coach
  6. Do not lose focus of your new challenge and objectives.
  7. Work on the tough activities always first.
  8. Learn to focus for long periods of time with out distractions.
  9. Learn new things every day
  10. Rest and energized yourself.

Above all learn to Leapfrog, learn to manage your fears!

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