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Customer satisfaction, an absolute priority.

Customer satisfaction, an absolute priority!

“At a very high level, customer satisfaction is the judgement of their customers about how their products and services makes them feel & experience. If that experience meet or exceed their expectations or not at all”.

All business depends on the positive satisfaction and their loyalty.

“Loyalty is one of the behaviours when measure correctly will help us predict the preference and how the customer will act in the future”.

Our feelings on every interaction with the company, their products and services become facts.

During my corporate working life, I travel frequently, a minimum of 2 trips per week.

I became very loyal to my national carrier.

Today, I had the opportunity to visit the European lounge. I was very excited. At one point, not long time ago, I felt that the European lounge was my own living room. I spent a lot of time there!

I was looking forward to my visit.

As we enter, we went to find our favorite corner and immediately that feeling of loyalty was going down very rapidly

My favorite chair was damage. Not only my favorite one, but a few more.

Then, I went to the WC and to my big surprise the paper holder was broken.

I asked my self what is happening? It can not be about costs savings, because there is plenty of staff and good drinks and quality food.

So what is it? And how companies like this one can spread customer centricity and continuous improvement.

Customer Centricity and continuous improvement is key in the new digital economy.

How to align all the departments to have the continuous improvement and the innovation that reflects their company values and business objectives.

How to outperform every time in every aspect of the business to keep the loyalty and position in the market.

How to transform to outperform in the vision and strategy of the company.

The feeling of well-care, well-being generates energy. Energy that translates in positive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Innovate to keep your Uniqueness! Innovate to keep your loyalty.

Empower your team to achieve exponential new growth.

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