Reto Financiero: Dia 25

Acuérdate que el que no sabe manejar bien sus emociones, no maneja bien sus inversiones. Me encanta esta frase, porque realmente la única cosa que nos detiene a ser exitosos son las excusas que nos hemos puesto día con día en nuestra mente. Nosotros a veces somos nuestro peor enemigo. Sí lo somos, porque siempreContinue reading “Reto Financiero: Dia 25”

Reto Financiero: Día 23

El secreto de tu libertad financiera es poder conquistar aquello que te está bloqueando. El poder conquistar tus miedos no tiene precio. Te abre nuevas puertas. Nuevos horizontes. El aprender a escuchar tus emociones nos permite PODER empezar a brillar con otra luz y empezar a buscar nuevas formas de inspiración para PODER crecer personalmenteContinue reading “Reto Financiero: Día 23”

Reto Financiero: Día 6

Cuentas claras, separa los gastos de tu empresa de tus gastos personales.

El camino a tu prosperidad

El mejor regalo que le puedes dar a alguien es mostrarles el camino a su propia prosperidad y libertad financiera. Libertad financiera es una necesidad que todos debemos de alcanzar. El panorama laboral no pinta muy bien. Las empresas multinacionales y las industrias no pueden capturar a todos los recién graduados y a todos lasContinue reading “El camino a tu prosperidad”

Freed up Cash: What to do?

If you are one of the lucky persons who still have a job and your cost have reduced to the maximum. What should you do with all that freed up Cash? Considering the long-term loss of savings value, it is clear that keeping the money “under the mattress” is not the smartest option. My firstContinue reading “Freed up Cash: What to do?”

What to do in times of crisis? Time to reinvent ourselves

No matter the challenge we are experiencing we must learn to get ahead. Our ability to reinvent ourselves is one of the most important characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and professionals. We must overcome barriers to meet the needs of people around the world, but always creating value.  That is the important thing. Despite the challengingContinue reading “What to do in times of crisis? Time to reinvent ourselves”


Keep a closer eye on your attitude. The environment and the people around do not have to determine your attitude. Keep a clear dialogue between your brain & feelings and your surroundings. Think positive and keep an open attitude towards improving each moment. It is scary out there, but only you determine your attitude notContinue reading “Attitude”

Financial Freedom: One step at the time!!!

I love this phrase: One Step at the time. We probably need to learn to do things differently to pick up the pace. However one step at the time will get you there, even if you feel the fear. Suggested decisions to put into practice to gain your financial freedom: 1. Every morning remember yourContinue reading “Financial Freedom: One step at the time!!!”

Crisis or Good luck?

Do you know that good luck is the opposite of crisis.
One of the most interesting benefits of focusing on the opposite is “How to defeat the fears of entrepreneurs right now”.